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Scrapbooking: What’s the best organization items or scrapbooking tools you’ve purchased?

sizesmith asked:

I love scrapbooking. I’d like to know the best ways to organize everything and your favorite tools. Especially if someone has purchased, or designed a desk or area to scrapbook at. Thanks!

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What is the best way to organize the different embellishments, kits, etc for digital scrapbooking?

I have a ton of embellishments, kits, papers, etc that I have downloaded for my digital scrapbooking hobby. I need to figure out the best way to organize it all. Any advice would be appreciated?? Thanks.

Inappropriate answers will be reported!! Thanks :)
The reason bearcatlet got reported is because she answered my question inappropriately. Here is her answYes.

I am sure there are people out there who know of such websites.
Yeah! Report those people! Good job!

I asked a question and I stated inappropriate answers would be reported. I don’t have issues with reporting people who are rude, abusive, and who love to come on here and harrass others just for asking a question.

We should be allowed to ask question without being abused by certain users who only come on here to bash others.

Thank you to everybody who has ever answered my questions seriously. I have gotten some really good advice on here, and I appreciate those people very much. :)

By: rainbowbright

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¿Cómo convertirse en un representante de ventas de álbum de recortes?

Sara G asked:

Acabo de perder mi trabajo en el sector inmobiliario aquí en California. Me encanta scrapbooking y productos estacionarios y me pregunto cómo puede convertirse en un representante de ventas. Muchas gracias!

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