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Scrapbook Ideas – Disney Themed, Scrapbook With Your Children

Erik Birkeland asked:


Do you have a passion for scrapbooking and would like your children to share it with you? There are many scrapbook ideas – Disney themed ones will make the task of enticing your children to make a scrapbook with you extremely easy.

The reason is that there are so many popular Disney characters to choose from. Ariel, Winnie The Pooh, characters from Cars, Cinderella, Belle, Jasmine just to name a few. Before you begin working on your scrapbook sit down with your child and have them pick out their favorite Disney character. Ask them for their scrapbook ideas – Disney themed scrapbooks will give them a lot of ideas. Then you can purchase a scrapbooking kit that has that character in it. This will get your child interested in making the scrapbook with you since they are part of the decision making process.

Now that you have your character picked out you need to decide what to make the scrapbook about. Try and pick out something that has your child in it. Some examples are a birthday, trip to the beach or an outing with friends. Don’t have any events to work with that have your child in it a lot? No problem. Make a date with your family to go on a picnic this weekend. Take your camera along and get a lot of pictures. Now you are ready to make that scrapbook.

With all the digital devices these days too little time is spent with our children. Making this scrapbook with them will allow you to spend quality time with your child. Make sure that they are able to fully participate in this activity. For decisions make sure to ask them their opinions and where possible do it the way they would like. The scrapbook at the end of this will make a great memory for both you and them. If some of the decisions that your child had aren’t quite the way you would have gone don’t worry about it. The important point is that you are spending time with your child and bonding with them.

Now there are many different scrapbook ideas – Disney themed ones aren’t the only ones out there. But you’ll find that they will make the prospect of spending time making a scrapbook exciting to your child.

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Wat is uw favoriet scrapbooking punt?

Magic 8 Ball: The Witch is In asked:

Wat is het één ding ongeacht de grondbeginselen dat u niet levend kon zonder wanneer u scrapbooking?

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Glauben Sie, dass es einen Markt für professionelle Scrapbooking?

Jamie asked:

Glauben Sie, dass es einen Markt für professionelle Scrapbooking? Ich bin liebäugelt mit der Idee der Scrapbooking für andere Menschen. Entweder – vorgefertigten Alben oder benutzerdefinierte Alben von Anfang bis Ende (einschließlich der Organisation ihrer Fotos und Journaling). Werden die Menschen zahlen für diesen Service? Es ist ziemlich teuer. $ 125 bis $ 175 für ein 7×7-Album. Bis zu $ 400 für ein 12×12.

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