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How can I meet people who are interested in Creative Memories?

babyjem97 says:

I have tried the home shows, craft fairs, and some other ideas already. But so far no luck. I have also tried going through my family and friends but I have hit a dead end on that road. I would love to work this business. I truly believe in there products to be the best on the market but . . . . I just can’t seem to find people in my area that want to host a party or even get involved with scrapbooking. Any suggestions?????

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Does anyone have any pictures (new or old) that they would like set up in a scrapbook?

tbarrows71 says:

I I love scrapbooking and have done this for four years and have been successful. I would like to start my own home business doing the thing I love. Anyone that would like their pictures in a scrapbooking setting to keep up with their memories?

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How do you get started in opening your own small retail store?

mugsnicsam says:

If you asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up I would say a “professional scrapbooker.” It has been my dream to own my own small scrapbooking store for a while now and lately I have been wondering what is holding me back because life is so short and we only have one to live! I have heard that there are business grants out there for women who start up their own business- does anyone know of any or who I can get in contact with? What are the start up costs of this type of store or of this scale of a store? Where do I even begin in opening my own store? What are some things I need to consider before I begin opening a store? I am open to all comments and suggestions you may have because I am truly considering this!
Can anyone give me any good websites or references for beginning an online business or just a general physical store?

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