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What is the best digital photo editing software packege for PC’s that’s under 100 dollars retail?

Leanna N says:

I am starting to clean up a lot of family pictures and I’m scanning them and storing them for editing and electronic scrpbooking.

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Where can I find a digital photo editing software?

jml210 says:

I’m looking for a program with editing functions. I’d like to be able to free hand crop phots and crop out bits and pieces of photos. I’d like to make a collage, but not with square edges. Is there a place that has free software? I see has a few sites. I’m not sure what would be best.

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good free digital photo editing software?

jumpergirl3005 says:

I want a really good and free photo editing software. one with tools that allow you to blur, erase, etc. Maybe something like photoshop. But I do want something that will allow me to edit things out of the photo and get rid of something that was on the lens.

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