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anybody have scrapbooking experience?

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this is the first time of made a scrapbook and im 13 years old and i want to make it really cool !
all the items i know that i need to get so far is:

-scrapbook album
-different types of paper
-stamps and stickers
-themed things
-scissors, glue, etc

anything else???

and this scrapbook is just going to be about me and friends, family, holidays, beach that sorta thing but what kind of things should i put in it though and tips or ideas please?!

For Scrapbooking.glossy or lustre prints?

gotitald posts:

I am about to order about 200 prints only to start scrapbooking, the problem is, that I really don’t know which one would be better for this purpose. I’ve never scrapbooked before but it’s a project I have to finish before the holidays (my in-laws are visiting … silly, I know!). Thanks for your opinions.

Crafts/Scrapbooking websites, products?

Aimee posts:

I want to make a scrapbook for lots of things, like holidays, events, or travels. i don`t know what i need and i don`t know how to make it. if you don`t want to explain that then could you find out where i can buy a scrapbooking kit. my friend has an All About Me scrapbook does anybody no about that or any other scrapbooking books or kits?
thanks a bunch