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Advice on scrapbooking please?

Snowflake posts:

Have decided to do a scrapbooking project – family holidays – as I have loads and loads of pictures that sit on the hard-drive on my lappie and never see the light of day!! Has anyone got any hints on how to ensure it’s successful – this is my first scrapbooking project and would appreciate any useful advice. Thanks.

holiday scrapbook ideas?

twilightlover posts:

im doing a scrapbook for my latest holiday i have just been on (london paris ireland paris and singapore) but as i am a beginner scrapbooker i am a bit low on ideas! i want to make it as intresting as if anyone has any ideas that wuld be great! i would like to make it colourful and fun- because thats what my holiday was all about!
i really dont know where to start either- this is my first major scrapbooking assingment and i want to make it a good one so please help me! thanks alot in advance! :D have a good day!

What are some unusual (but not embarrassing or lengthy), offbeat scrapbooking crop games?

pgfan posts:

My crop group consists of about 10 people. We are all seasoned scrapbookers, and are having a holiday party. We want to do some fun games, but don’t want to do the usual like bingo, how many layouts can you complete, grabbing a beanbag when you complete a layout, or the memorization games. We’ve also done the game where you see who has certain scrapbook items. I’ve checked all the scrapbooking websites, and can’t seem to find anything new out there. Ideas, ladies or gents?? :)