Good photo editing/digital photo album creating software for a girl age 13?

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GrayMatters says:

She’s getting a digital camera for her birthday, I was trying to think of something she can do with the pictures on the computer, like the photo album makers, picture decorators and stuff…something she can catch on to and do herself.

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2 Responses to “Good photo editing/digital photo album creating software for a girl age 13?”

  1. Adam K
    June 25th, 2009

    ah as a prosumer phobla bla bla (cant spell it) i can answer this Q i use kodak easyshare its free there are many others to google it! open the camera there is a card you can A stick this in your card reader on your pc(free) or B put it in a kiosk at walgreens(they have the best kiosk in the city i know i looked for it) from there you can print a calander,make a disk,edit photos,and more! (i can do all the above to if you want my cheap servises email me at)

  2. haria
    June 25th, 2009

    Wow, she can make her own e- cards using digital pictures and she could use it for her personal use or post it on a site for people to subscribe for it.
    Digital picture can be used for various purpose she can use it for the school projects – especially if she is a student of biology it would be of great use to her.
    Get her Adobe Photoshop so that she can slowly learn the ways of imaging. She can make good use of that software.