Help with naming my web page and e-mail for my stamping biz?

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I have opened a home-based party plan business that sells stamping supplies for scrapbooking, card making, etc. I have a company provided web site and e-mail that I get to customize. I need help deciding what to request. I would like it to be easy for people to remember and say something about me, my area, my, business etc. Certain words are not allowed and alot have ben taken already. Should I just use my name? If I advertise on my vehicle, I wasn’t too thrilled with my name on my car window. I’m also keeping in mind when people do a web search for my products or company, making it easier for my web page to be listed. Thanks!
Oh yeah, I should mention that we’re the company with the acrylic stamps but we can’t use “Acrylix” because it’s the company’s trademark.

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5 Responses to “Help with naming my web page and e-mail for my stamping biz?”

  1. xappieippax
    July 19th, 2009

    Do you have a nickname that you can go by instead of your real name?
    “Suzys” stamps-n-stuff
    “Sweetie pies” stamps-n-stuff
    “Honeys” stamps-n-stuff

  2. slipperysizzler
    July 19th, 2009

    did u try stamp’ems that would be pretty catchy ithink and if u want to add to it add your pets name to the front of it like my dogs name is slick so it would be “slick stamp’ems” street name might also be useful if it’s a name or something

  3. misskenjr
    July 19th, 2009

    blah blah


    Wow, this really *is* tough.

    BTW, my favorite tupperware piece(s) are the modular mates!!!!! I have a ton! My pantry looks like it’s straight out of a tupperware magazine!!

  4. Uncle John
    July 19th, 2009

    How about Younee’s Stamping? Is that really your first name?
    You can’t use acrylix, but how about acrylic? You weren’t thrilled with your first name on your car, but how about your middle name or last name? It would help, if I knew whaty our stamping biz does. Stamping Is Us.

  5. NewsReader
    July 19th, 2009

    First, don’t use a name that has been posted online. Its likely someone has already tried to pick it up.

    Keep in mind that when you select a domain name, you are also selecting a keyword or phrase that will be associated with your business, and if you set up your web page correctly, will also be a source of free traffic from search engines.

    So start with a list of keywords related to what your business provides – stamping supplies, scrapbooking, etc. Put those all on a list. Start forming combinations of those words, the shorter the better.

    Visit Overture’s Keyword Tool – see what keywords people are searching for related to your business:

    It will also give you ideas for your list. Once you have your ideas, visit a site like and check on the availability of the domain you choose.

    Your best domain option is:
    1) Short and easy to remember
    2) Contains keywords in high demand for your business
    3) Does not contain too many dashes or other special characters, if any

    Always keep in mind that the goal for having a domain is typically to provide contact info an marketing info for prospects – make your domain as easy to find, and easy to remember as possible. But ultimately, you will need to decide what name best fits your needs, and find out if it is available.