Starting a business?

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Trying not to think about it says:

I would really love to start a scrapbooking store and have the money to do so, but I don’t know where to start with buying the inventory…anyone know how I would go about that?

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2 Responses to “Starting a business?”

  1. Dippin Dots of East Lansing
    July 20th, 2009

    go to google and try typing in scrapbook wholesale. or go to sams club, target, meijer, wal-mart, any big store near where you live and write down the brand names that sell their scrapbooking stuff. Then contact all those companies about wholesaleing

  2. imisidro
    July 20th, 2009

    Start by subscribing to scrapbooking magazines — they have lots of advertisers selling scrapbooking products. Contact them directly and ask for how you can sell their items.

    Pioneer albums for example sells on wholesale basis, though they need you to fax your reseller ID and requires minimum amount to order

    Then attend the scrapbook tradeshows — you will be able to meet and talk to suppliers and manufacturers. Ask them how you can purchase on a wholesale basis

    Some sites to check out

    Scrapbook Expo
    Craft & Hobby Association — the largest trade expo for the craft and hobby market, including scrapbooking
    Memorytrends Expo – specifically for scrapbooking