these are my main focuses can anyone point me in the right direction?

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TRisha M says:

im going to college to learn about interior design,ranches,and hospitality management.

1.first off i want to live on a ranch so i want to take classes about the farm and livestock life so i can get ready for where i wanna live.

2.i thought about having my small home owned business since i love scrapbooking and interior design i could make up some ideas for materials and products for people to buy from me.

3.hospitality management is because i’ve always been interested in being in charge of my own lodge.

question/problem:i know i go to school for all this but what classes do i take?what do i need to know?how much education is needed?etc.???

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One Response to “these are my main focuses can anyone point me in the right direction?”

  1. Flyboy
    July 15th, 2009

    The best advice you’ll get is to narrow your focus. Your goals seem to be working at cross purposes with each other. Still, you might be able to accomplish most of them by pursuing an education in hospitality management. Several universities offer such courses of study. Fill these in with business courses including accounting and financial management. I’d suggest you look at #2 on your list as a hobby business. Interior design is something you either have a flair for or you don’t. There are no right answers in this business. All you need are a few clients to help you get started. If you have a flair for it your friends will hire you. I wouldn’t worry too much about number #1 as you can pick it up if you work on a dude ranch where your hospitality management degree works for you. Cowboys are going to look down their noses at people whose knowledge of livestock comes from books.

    A bachelor’s degree in hospitality management with a minor in accounting and finance will give you the tools you need to best achieve your goals.