Where can I find a digital photo editing software?

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jml210 says:

I’m looking for a program with editing functions. I’d like to be able to free hand crop phots and crop out bits and pieces of photos. I’d like to make a collage, but not with square edges. Is there a place that has free software? I see download.com has a few sites. I’m not sure what would be best.

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6 Responses to “Where can I find a digital photo editing software?”

  1. Mercedez Jade
    July 6th, 2009

    you wont be able to actually find the full software anywhere for free to download of the internet that is unless its back dated which ***** and is never good you can either continually get free trials or buy the cheap serial number from someone and dowload it you could try bittorrent/xtorrent or find locally someone who has a pirated copy but youd be pretty well off if your into it buying the software websites are risky for giving you insane viruses so if you do find one beware :)

  2. ManySaySo
    July 6th, 2009

    um..photoshop.com/express maybe? good luck.

  3. Area Woman
    July 6th, 2009

    Gimp is your best bet.

  4. mrs08
    July 6th, 2009

    I always like to go onto cnet.com and search for “photo editing programs” under the software section. Then I download and install a few, see which ones I like and then delete the rest. Sometimes they are only free trials, so you might have to buy them after 30 days, but it works pretty well I think. Hope this helps!

  5. User
    July 6th, 2009

    for trial to buy,
    Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2
    Adobe – Photoshop CS3 editions
    ArcSoft PhotoImpression -

    Gimp ~image editor,

    online photo editing tools,
    Adobe Photoshop Express

    you mention cropping which is usually the square cut out tool, you may want to use the lasso tools to select areas to copy or delete with instead,


  6. mango_♥
    July 6th, 2009

    i use both photofiltre and gimp which in fact i downloaded from download.com theres an online website too. lunapic.com/editor instead of downloading a program in your pictures, you can edit your pictures online.