7 Shortcuts of Scrapbooking Ideas From Library

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Jas Ng asked:

I always has problem on sourcing books or information from library. I find it is very tedious to look for books you want in huge collections in library. Sometime even the librarian also cannot help you much, but only can guide you which book shelf to look for your book. Finally I learn how to do it while I’m so into scrapbooking ideas. Here I share my seven shortcuts of sourcing scrapbooking ideas in the library.

Shortcut #1 Research from Amazon database.

This is I always do in searching scrapbooking reference I want from Amazon. Once the book is found in Amazon, I search the same book through in the library online database. If the book is found, I will note down the library code number plus all the ISDN, and go down to the library to borrow the book. This method is most effective and save your time from blind hunting for suitable book in library for hours.

Shortcut #2 Library OPAC system.

Most of library today facilitate with an online book search database. First go to the OPAC system type scrapbooking to search for book you want, write down the call number and go to the book shell to find your book. If you cannot find the book due to it’s on loan, you still can find some other books related to same topics.

Shortcut #3 Children craft section in the library.

In library the most resourceful section is the children section. This is because children need a lot of information in their learning. Library normally will organize whole world wide information into the children section. It’s like a mini world encyclopedia.

Shortcut #4 Check out what’s new in the new arrival section.

This is the most easier way, the find new books. Sometime happened that these new arrival book include new scrapbooking reference. So make sure you check the new arrival corner when you first step into the library.

Shortcut #5 General,media video or recreation and leisure section.

In some library, scrapbooking is categories under different grouping or section. I was surprised to find one or two good scrapbooking reference book at general section. Occasionally, I found VCD of scrapbooking at media video section. You can try your luck to search at media video section or general section, you may get good source from there. Some good book on scrapbooking also available at recreation and leisure section, because scrapbooking is also a hobby.

Shortcut #6 Reference section.

A lot of good book that are out of print are available at the reference book section. In this section most of the book are not available for loan, but you can soap your time there for two to three hours to read it. If some of the scrapbooking idea you read is good to keep for personal scrapbooking, you can seek librarian for photocopying the book chapter. Note that some librarian provide self service photocopying for this purpose. You are only allow to make one copy and cannot copy more than twenty percent of the whole book.

Shortcut #7 Seek help from librarian or other library visitors.

If you go to bigger library branch, there will be a lots of librarian available for help. Just need to be sure necessary information are handy with you. Information such as book title, author name, call number, ISDN number. The important is the book title and author name, others are secondary to know for librarian to help you. Sometime the library you visit is small, and less helpers available, you can try asking the person next to you who is searching book nearby. You may able to get good lead too. This is the last option I always do if the library is small and less helpers around.

This tips also useful when you search for other books! Hope your reading all the tips!

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