Beginner Tips For Buying Scrapbooking Supplies

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Elizabeth Stewart posts:

If you were amazed by other scrapbooks you’ve seen, learn that you can make your own scrapbook. So, if you are interested in making your own personal scrapbook, start looking for shops and buy some supplies. However, many would surely find themselves totally amazed and lost when looking at all those products that are used for scrapbooking. But make sure that you buy exactly what you need, some usually buy more products than they actually need and find themselves spending a lot of money on scrapbooking supplies. So make a list and stick to it when you go and buy products.

This article will provide some tips that will help you when you need to buy scrapbook supplies.

Album- you have to know the size and the color theme of your album before going to buy it. Planning ahead will definitely help you when searching for your album as you won’t need to look for all sizes; all you need to do is focus on your chosen size. You have to make sure that there is enough space on your album to make designs and artwork. However, if you want a little elegant album it’s up to you but make sure that you decide upon the type of album. Beginners are advised to start with a definite size because it is easier to manage.

Refilling your album- A good idea is to include album page refills at the time you buy the album you need. You don’t have standard sizes for albums refills so it is best to buy in the same time when you buy your album. Grab more than you need to avoid looking for the same size after you finish them; sometimes the same manufacturer is not available anymore, or you don’t find the same color theme you used.

Using Adhesive- There are various types of adhesive you can use, but not all will match your album. The types of adhesive on the market are: Glue Dots, Mod Podge, Triple Thick, EZ, 3D Dots, or Xyron. These are the good brands of adhesive that will match you album; if you use these you won’t risk damaging your scrapbook.

You will need another pair of scissor for your scrapbooks because they need to be kept sharp of you want to do a good job.

Papers are very important because they are the body of the whole scrapbook. You can choose colored papers or you can establish a color for your sheets that will match your color theme.

Avoid using acid markers because they might damage things with the chemical reactions they usually have with paper.

Don’t spend money on useless things before making sure that you have all the basic needs satisfied.

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