Choosing Scrapbooking Supplies

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Barbara Kirby posts:

Croppers worldwide know that one of the best parts of this creative and useful hobby is the fun of shopping for scrapbooking supplies. Deciding between elegantly designed journaling paper and fancy cut scissors is part of what makes each scrapbook an expression of the woman who made it.

If, however, your budget dictates that you must choose between the thousands of supplies offered, here are some suggestions on which materials will best suit your needs.

Supplies to Suit Your Style

Scrapbooking supplies tend to fall into one of three categories: organizers, tools and decorations. At some point, you will need all of these. I recommend that you make one purchase from each group, or alternate your purchases accordingly. Yes, you may be tempted to spend most of your resources on the beautifully printed paper kits, or richly colored pens, but if you don’t have adhesive tape, or your photos get wrinkled before you get to them, all those fun tools and decorations will go to waste.

Organizing Your Hobby

Organizing systems for scrapbookers have come a long way since that shoe box you used to keep stuffed in the closet. Your choices range from simple boxes with labeled dividers, to sleeves for negatives and CDs, to software for your digital photos. Remember, the key here is preservation. Which option will best protect your memories before they go into your scrapbook?

Specially designed cases for toting all your supplies are also available. If you have ever struggled with a tote bag overflowing with scissors, markers and photos, this may have your name on it! With pullout handles and wheels, these mobile devices make cropping with friends possible and enjoyable.

Of course, the photo album itself is the ultimate storage system. The possibilities that exist are endless. I recommend using albums with removable pages, so that you can reorganize or add as needed. You can also choose among colors and designs, materials, picture windows, albums made especially for events like weddings and new babies, smaller portable albums and those designed for gift giving. Now, you just need the proper tools to put that perfect album together.

The Right Tool for the Right Job

While scissors and tape may not have you drooling over the scrapbooking supplies catalog, you can’t do the job without them. A good adhesive tape and applicator will make creating your pages effortless. Scissors, as it turns out, can be pretty exciting after all. Along with your basic straight pair, fancy edged scissors can add just the right touch to your photos or paper choices.

Cutters and trimmers will also allow you to crop photos to the perfect size, round corners, and create ovals, hearts and oblongs. Shape-makers are great tools for decorating. Like giant hole-punchers they allow you to add stars, splashes, hexagons, or any shape desirable to your page. And any cropper will tell you, decorating is where your true genius and inspiration come into play.


Let your imagination run wild! With paper kits, vellum accents and phrases, pretty colored markers and stickers for every occasion under the sun, the sky is truly the limit. If you are unsure, try using a pre-arranged kit where the color and theme are coordinated for you. A handwritten note on any page describing the events can easily be accented with dots or swirls. Play with the possibilities. Having a few appropriate materials on hand will spark your creativity, and lead you to create a piece of personal history that is truly unique.

Tools for Success

With organized and protected photographs, the proper tools, and a touch of flair, you will have everything you need to preserve the memories you cherish. Enjoy your masterpiece!

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