Christmas Scrapbooking Ideas and Tradition

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Most Christmas scrapbooking ideas stress the importance of tradition. Clearly, Christmas traditions are the easiest subject matter of Christmas scrapbooking ideas. After all, every family has their own tradition, and the individual ones are often the ideal choices for Christmas scrapbooking ideas.

Scrappers and their families need to think about their own personal traditions, which make for ideal subject mater for Christmas scrapbooking ideas. Some traditions have their roots back so far, that the family may not even be aware that it is a tradition.

For example, the tradition of opening presents. Some families open presents on Christmas Eve while everyone is gathered, some open one present on Christmas Eve, and some wait until Christmas morning. One could easily make a scrapbook page out of that. It might be a good excuse to get the camera and list when everyone else just wants to rip off wrapping.

Other Christmas scrapbooking ideas include the “trimming of the tree”. If your family gets a Christmas tree and decorates it every year, then every ornament probably has some memory attached to it. Perhaps each ornament is a reminder of some Christmas past. Simply taking pictures of ornaments and writing simple text about them is one of the easiest of Christmas scrapbooking ideas.

Decorating the house is always an important Christmas tradition that is one of the easiest Christmas scrapbooking ideas. It seems like every neighborhood has some person on the block who decorates to the point of over-decorating, but his or her house is always visited by the neighbors. Some scrappers might be the person who actually does all the decorating, and it is worth these Christmas scrapbooking ideas in a page.

Another Christmas tradition that may not even be realized is the way Christmas trimmings are taken out every year. Many families keep their Christmas decorations in their basement, attic, or garage, and pulling them out every year is sort of something of a tradition in and of itself. Surely an event like this would make great subject matter for Christmas scrapbooking ideas.

Christmas firsts are always pretty important. This is often where tradition gets formed. For example, every time there is a new addition to the family, it is the obvious choice to make a “Baby’s First Christmas” page. The same applies to a first Christmas in a new place, another one of many Christmas scrapbooking ideas.

Of course, opening presents and decorating a Christmas tree is something that most families will partake in on Christmas. The scrapper may need to completely rack his or her brain in order to get more original Christmas scrapbooking ideas. Therefore, one has to simply ask oneself: “What is it that our family does every year at Christmas time?” It can be something seemingly mundane, such as watching a movie after Christmas dinner. It could also be something very unique, like an oversized stocking that hangs by the fire. Every family has different traditions, and the more unusual, the more interesting the Christmas scrapbooking ideas are.

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