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Michele Cardello asked:

Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa can often be hard subject matter for holiday scrapbooking ideas. However, holiday scrapbooking ideas do not require a great leap of imagination.

After all, most holiday scrapbooking ideas focus on the concept of tradition, something that always keeps the holidays alive. Therefore, it is quite simple to have tradition be the subject for your holiday scrapbooking ideas. Not just tradition, but how the scrapper personally celebrates his or her holiday tradition of Christmas, Hanakkah, or Kwanzaa.

It is good to have pages showing pictures of your family celebrating the holiday, along with some text such as journaling precisely how your family personally celebrates the holiday and what it means to them. The text can be done in other ways, and it is up the scrapper to use his or her imagination.

For example, Christmas traditions range from all kinds of origins, from its beginning celebrations, to more modern customs such as mistletoe and the Christmas tree. Every household seems to have various ways of celebrating Christmas, and it may take the scrapper a lot of thought before he or she discovers the traditions to be the subjects of his or her holiday scrapbooking ideas. The scrapper needs to ask his or herself what traditions he or she remembers from Christmases past, and how he or she still incorporates them into their present day celebrations.

If you celebrate Hanukkah, you may want to include a photo session on the lighting of the menorah, an important ritual. A personal account by a family member could help bring the event to life to someone outside the family looking at the page, especially if they do not know or celebrate Hanukkah traditions. The same rule applies to a Kwanzaa page, and it demonstrates holiday scrapbooking ideas where the scrapper’s family can showcase the meaning of the holiday and how the scrapper celebrates it.

A photo spread is another way to go with holiday scrapbooking ideas. Often a simple horizontal display of pictures can create a quiet effect that brings out the majestic holiday. Sometimes photos in black-and-white can create an interesting, more in-depth effect than color ones.

Some other good holiday scrapbooking ideas are taking cards from the occasion, such as Christmas cards, and removing the fronts. From there, they can be arranged into a collage that really puts the holiday on display in a very unique fashion. Even though this may lack the personal touch of photos, there is still much that can be said there.

The use of colors can be important, and traditional Christmas colors such as red and green might seem the obvious choice for holiday scrapbooking ideas. However, these can be overused, and it is really more important to have substance over style. Foils and embossing are effective toward any holiday scrapbooking, and there are many ideas of how to arrange them.

It is true that some of the best holiday scrapbooking ideas for Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa involve tradition, but creativity may trump it. In other words, while holiday scrapbooking ideas based in and on tradition usually work, sometimes the best choice is to break tradition once in awhile.

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