any good scrapbooking ideas?

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over these holidays, im planning to start my very own scrapbook, but how should i do it? and what kind of stuff should i put in it?? and what will i need to buy to start it off?

don’t want one of those scrap booking kits, cause they ****.

im 13 by the way.

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4 Responses to “any good scrapbooking ideas?”

  1. Rachel R
    September 20th, 2009

    Well ask your mom to go with you to Hobby Lobby and there are unlimeted things you can get there. I made a scrap book of my senior year in high school and used pictures and little things that were in at the time. It is really up to you what you want to do. You could do a scrap book about your self or movies or what ever. Just enjoy yourself when you do it.

  2. dogluver_carmel72
    September 20th, 2009

    First u need…
    and any addtional stuff you wana add

    Then plan out wat you want and where u want it, glue it down, and put it in a sleeve.

    The key to scrapbooking is CREATIVITY!!!!

  3. jen1901
    September 20th, 2009

    usually i buy paper i like that mathches specific pictures im wanting to scrap and get plenty of adhesive (i like lue pens and double sided tape) then you can add riboons buttons other fun cuts of different paper, journal something on the page, color a paper frame to add, use stickers, or i really like vinyll letters… it all depends on your style. and usually you cann find pretty good deals at expo’s and sometimes even cheap places at wal-mart, depending where you live

  4. Amie.❤❤!
    September 20th, 2009

    you will need.

    -scrapbook album
    -different types of paper
    -stamps and stickers
    -themed things
    -scissors, glue, etc

    and you could do a scrapbook about yourself and friends, family, holidays, beach that sorta thing .