Scrapbooking- should I convert to 12×12?

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Okay, so I have been buying the 20 dollar scrapbooking kits at walmart because I like the binder- it is just a 3 ring binder- and it comes with paper and stuff. But, when I want to buy paper at the craft store they really only carry 12×12. They have some 8 1/2 x11 but not much.

So, here is what is stopping me. There are only postbound albums. I have only had one, but it seemed like the pages were hard to open, they wouldnt lay flat.

What works well? WHat have you tried?

ps- I am not really into this. I do holidays and vacations and such. I make about 50 pages a year. I am not super into embellishments and such.

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3 Responses to “Scrapbooking- should I convert to 12×12?”

  1. Damsel
    September 30th, 2009

    Depending on the design of the paper, you should be able to cut 12×12 paper down to the size you need. If you like the 3-ring binders, stick with them.

    Personally, I like the 12×12 postbound albums. They are pretty much the only ones I use, but that’s just me. Sometimes the pages don’t lay flat, but that depends on how much you have on the page. A thick embellishment will make the protective sleeve lay weird. I haven’t had a problem with getting the pages to open–the problem I’ve run into there is sometimes they tear. However, I would think that’s something that you would run into with protective sleeves for any size album.

    They do make 12 x 12 3-ring binder albums as well.

  2. rueishness
    September 30th, 2009

    If you really like the albums you have now, you could buy a paper trimmer and just trim 12×12 paper down to the size you want.

    I personally like the 12x12s. You can buy post extensions and that will make the spine bigger, so your pages should lay flatter. Plus it’s so much easier to find paper for 12x12s, although craft stores usually carry 8.5×11 by the sheet.

  3. randysgirlforever1986
    September 30th, 2009

    I used to teach scrapbooking at Michaels and what I recommended to most people is buy the 12 by 12 post bound scrap book but them for like $4.00 you can get a snap load adapter kit. The posts are unstable especially when you extend them but the snap load is essentially a plastic piece looking similar to a flattened zip tie that makes changing pages and binding your book super simple!