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Starting a scrapbooking career is easier than most people think. In fact, starting a scrapbooking career does not entail a big investment. Many people that have started a career in scrapbooking were once simple hobbyists that indulged in their passion at home.

But as the popularity and reputation of scrapbooking increased many people have opted to begin a scrapbooking career that is indeed quite profitable. At the same time, starting a scrapbooking career is a great way to get the lifestyle every person deserves. Scrappers can have the benefit of having the free time they need to spend more time with the family.

Plus, the continuous rise of living costs has prompted many people to seek alternative sources of income. Many people who have taken up scrapbooking as a hobby have also realized the potential of their pastime as a profitable business. Although some may only play at scrapbooking as a career, others have gone head on into it as a permanent line of business.

As a bonus, many scrapbooking businesses offer substantial discounts for individuals who have decided to embark on a scrapbooking career. People interested in starting a scrapbooking career can get help and advise from various scrapbooking companies. Different companies also offer various forms of support for people starting a scrapbooking career such as step-by-step training to build the business.

There are a wide variety of career choices in the scrapbooking industry. A dedicated scrapper interested in starting a scrapbooking career can either be a scrapbooking instructor, a direct sales consultant, an event organizer, a product manufacturer or designer.

In fact, many people who have started a scrapbooking career have gone on to become scrapbooking experts and professional artists who have even developed into scrapbook retailers. Many of these scarpbooking experts often have online retail sites that not only sell scrapbooking materials but also feature project ideas and tips on scrapbooking.

Tools Needed to Start a Scrapbooking Career

Any scrapper can easily start a scrapbooking career with just the basic tools and materials. Creativity is the main key that any scrapper would need to start a scrapbooking career. To start a scrapbooking career, you will need to have an album to work with along with refills for the album. A good pair of sharp scissors is essential in having a scrapbooking career.

In addition, having the right adhesives are also important as well as a variety of printed papers and cardstock. A scrapper will also need to have an assortment of journal pens to help add an artistic touch to any scrapbook project. Additional items that may be included are a paper trimmer and die cut machine.


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  1. nancy
    May 22nd, 2009

    i finally started my scrapbooking business because of this post. thank you. it inspired me to get up and do it. didn’t know where to start so i googled it and found a book called scrapbooking business. thanks again for making this post, it’ll definitely help others.