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Abhishek Agarwal asked:

If you’re a first-time mom and a novice scrap-booker, the thought of creating a baby album may seem overwhelming. However, the job is much easier if you stay organized.

Since you probably won’t have time to scrapbook your baby’s photos on a regular basis, purchase a large accordion file to keep track of your baby scrapbook ideas. Jot down journaling ideas as they come to you, then paperclip them to the corresponding photos before tossing them in your file. When you’re ready to scrapbook, you’ll have everything you need to create a meaningful keepsake.

Another great way to stay organized while creating your baby’s scrapbook is to structure your album in a month-by-month format. Instead of planning to create several separate layouts, simply do a coordinating two-page spread for every month of your baby’s first year. If you received a baby’s first year calendar as a baby shower gift, you can even incorporate your calendar pages into this album to supplement your journaling.

Dedicate the first couple of pages to preserving those pre-baby experiences. Capturing this time of anticipation, nervousness and excitement is a wonderful way to begin your book.

The first double-page spread of my daughter’s baby book records the thoughts my husband and I had in anticipation of her arrival…how excited and nervous we were to become parents for the first time. This section is perfect for sonogram photos, pictures of the baby’s room, memories of Mom’s cravings and any funny or heartfelt experiences. It’s also fun to include pictures of Mom’s changing shape. I’ve seen wonderful albums with a whole page showing different profile photos of Mom through the months. (When staging these photos, you could also wear the same outfit in each one to really emphasize your growth.)

You might dedicate another page or double-page spread to baby showers. As with wedding showers, you might have had several different showers—you can scrapbook them all on one page, or dedicate a separate page to each one, showing “Friends” shower, “Work” shower and “Church” shower, for example. Don’t forget to include a list of gifts received—as these gifts become keepsakes, it’s important to remember who gave what. You can include cards as well, by making a pocket page and simply tucking the cards inside.

Kids love to hear the story of when they were born. Write down the circumstances of Mom’s labour—the rush to the hospital, the relatives who were on stand-by, and how Dad took it all! Of course, this is also the place to scrapbook that oh-so-flattering photo of the exhausted parents in the hospital with the newborn. Don’t forget to record vital stats: Weight, length, and time of birth plus the name of the doctor and the hospital. You can save the newborn’s baby bracelet in a little pocket attached to the page.

Here’s a great place to scrapbook photos of the baby with each parent, and with members of the family and friends. Doubtless your family has received wonderful gifts—you might keep a record of those gifts and include any special thoughts that go along. Tell about Grandmother’s hand-knitted baby blanket, the music box from an aunt, or keepsakes passed down to the new generation. It’s also nice to include the many ways your family helped you through the first few week. Did your mother-in-law bring dinner for you; did Grandpa rock the crying baby to sleep?

Whatever style of album you choose, just remember—a keepsake is a wonderful thing to create and will become a treasure to that baby when he or she grows up!

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