Scrapbooking Supplies – 2 Uses For Laces and Beads

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Bernadine Otis posts:

In a scrapbooking project, there will always be a time when you will be working with embellishments. For most experimental people, the use of unusual embellishments like lace and beads may be a lot but for others who do not have all the experience, lace and beads may be foreign.

Still, there are tips for unusual scrapbooking supplies like lace and beads that will help in using the material for the scrapbook.

One of the main usages of scrapbooking supplies and embellishments is to outline the photos and mementos in the scrapbook. Like all other materials, lace and beads can also be used to outline an important part of the scrapbook. While lace and beads can be hard to stick onto the scrapbook, with appropriate glue gun and wood glue or fiber glue, it may be helpful. Double sided adhesive tape can also be used to pin lace as the lace will cover a bigger part than beads will. Outline the photo with lace and on the lace, pin decorative beads to highlight the lace.

On the other hand, to protect scrapbooks, lace and beads may also be used to put as scrapbooking supplies to official close the scrapbook. Wrap a piece of lace around the scrapbook, use fabric glue or if you’re more into sewing, you can sew the lace onto the front and back of the scrapbook and then sew the beads onto the lace as well. Cut a hole through the lace near the opening of the scrapbook and use ribbons or big buttons for closure.

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