Scrapbooking Supplies – 3 Basic Supplies For Your Scrapbook

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Bernadine Otis posts:

Scrapbooks take a lot of work to make and a lot of supplies. To begin with, there are hundreds of supplies that can be used for your scrapbooks and choosing which scrapbooking supplies you should use is very hard.

As a starter, there are 3 basic supplies that you will need to make your scrapbook. These supplies are the most standard of all supplies and would probably be used for any kind of scrapbook you’ll make.


Paper is the core of a scrapbook. Whether it be in the book that you’ll be using for your scrapbook or those colorful or patterned papers that you can buy in supplies store, it will be useful for your scrapbook. You’ll be able to use paper as a foundation for your designs or to highlight and outline photos and mementos with eccentric designed paper. Choose from various colors and kinds of cardstock paper, felt papers, colored bond papers available.

Cutters or scissors

One way or another, you’ll be using scissors or something to cut your paper with. Most scrapbooks cannot fit a whole page of bond paper in it, so you’ll really need to do a lot of cutting. Especially if you plan to use other types of embellishments, cutting is a basic scrapbooking move.


If there is a lot of cutting done, surely, there’d be a lot of sticking needed. Adhesives, meaning glue, paste, scotch tape, colored glue, glitter glue, double sided adhesives, blue tack, whatever you can use to do the sticking.

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