Scrapbooking Supplies – Playing With Gold, Silver and Bronze

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Bernadine Otis posts:

Scrapbooks are books wherein you’ll be able to store your memories and turn into something more – possibly for longer preservation. As an addition to making your scrapbook look special and interesting, using materials to make your photos and souvenirs is essential and for most people, there is nothing that would highlight a page more than gold, silver and bronze.

First of all, gold, silver and bronze represent first to third place in any competition making the three colors, a perfect way to highlight consecutive events or represent the line of importance.


While bronze may be the lowest of all three, it’s certainly not the least. Bronze, the cool color of shining brown is available on many scrapbooking supplies. Bronze glitter glue can be sprinkled on the outlines of a photo, highlighted by felt bronze flowers and bronze cardstock or patterned paper can be used as the background of any photo that can also be outlined by bronze ribbons. Viola! You have bronze haven.


Probably most popular to young adolescent, silver, the shining second is also popular when it comes to scrapbooking supplies. Silver ribbons, silver felt paper, silver patterned paper, silver yarn, silver buttons – when it came to materials, silver certainly didn’t lack.


Gold, the representative of being number one, is used for many types of scrapbooking supplies. Gold stars can be used as edge markers for photos, while gold ribbons can be used as page outline. Gold felt paper or cardstock can be used as photo mat and gold glitter for an even more highlighted page.

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