Digital Scrapbooking Business – Talk About Awesome Profitability!

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Bob Veal posts:

OK, before we get carried away, setting up your digital scrapbooking business will require some work and is not some kind of rubbish “get-rich-quick” scheme. Having said that, if you examine the profitability you might well be astonished.

I don’t just mean making and selling digital scrapbooks either. There are lots of other ways to make money from the digital scrapbooking boom. Online tuition, designing and selling digital scrapbook supplies and writing ebooks all come into the same equation.

Awesome profitability is quite a claim though, so let’s examine it in some detail.

Regardless of the type of digital scrapbooking business you choose you’ll need some kind of internet presence. That’s a given. It’ll cost you under ten dollars a year for a domain name and six or seven dollars a month for pro hosting. If you include mailing list and autoresponder management (which I thoroughly recommend) that will cost you another $19.95.

So your total costs on an ongoing basis are around twenty-five dollars a month. That’s ridiculously low for any business.

Let’s say you don’t have Adobe Photoshop Elements. You’re going to need a copy if you want to design digital scrapbook supplies so that’s another eighty bucks. Later on when the money’s coming in you might want to invest in a scanner if you don’t already have one. A good digital camera is a worthwhile investment if you’re going the designing route too.

We’re still talking a very, very small investment all up. Normally it costs thousands to set yourself up in business!

So that’s “expenses”. What about “income” and that “awesome profitability”?

Here’s where your digital scrapbooking business beats traditional scrapbooking hands down.

If you decide to design all your own stuff you have no costs at all. Many digital scrapbookers do buy packs of digital supplies and why not? They’re just a few dollars a time to take advantage of thousands of different styles and, unlike buying a pack of expensive paper or card, they never “run out”.

If you decide to go the route of selling digital scrapbooks you have virtually no material costs, just your time. You shouldn’t under-estimate the value of your time but it is pretty much 100% profit.

What about designing digital scrapbook supplies? Well again, once you’ve got the software you have no other expenses. What’s more, it takes no more effort and costs no more to sell 1000 copies of a template or background than to sell one. Once you’ve put up your supplies for sale people can buy them day or night, month after month after month and what does it cost you? Precisely nothing.

Publishing a scrapbooking ebook is exactly the same principle. Authors have always been attracted by the prospect of ‘royalty” payments that roll on well after the book is finished and you’ll benefit from the same. Except as a self-published ebook you have no print to pay for, no agent, no nobody!

Scrapbooking tuition online? Same thing again. Effort to set it up, sure, but like any digitally delivered product, ongoing costs are pretty much covered by you hosting – and you were paying that anyway.

So there you have it. Proof. With a digital scrapbooking business your profitability really is quite awesome.

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