Money Saving Tips For Scrapbooking

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Joanne Jones posts:

Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby but it can also be expensive.  There are so many nice embellishments, wonderful fabrics and other great supplies.  So, how do you keep your spending in control and keep your scrapbooks looking great?  Here are some helpful tips that will help you save lots of money on your next scrapbooking project.

Look for sales and discount stores.  Discount stores often buy in bulk and then sell at reduced prices.  Depending on the store, you will find a large variety of supplies, like paper, stickers and embellishments to choose from.  As well, make sure to visit your local scrapbook store for clearance items, coupons and sales.  As long as you like how it looks, who cares if it comes from last year’s selection or if the season has already finished for the year.  Plus, chances are you’re not going to make a scrapbook about Halloween or Christmas until the season is over anyways.

Trade supplies with friends.  Organize a scrapbooking party where everyone brings the supplies they no longer want to use.  Set down some rules and trade away.  If you’re not ready to part with your supplies, then another option to try is exchanging supplies with your friends.  Decide on how long you will lend them certain supplies, for example, items like stamps or stencils.  Make sure to write down or take a picture of what you lent, when you lent it and who you lent it to. 

Look outside the scrapbooking section.  Often you can go to another section of a store and find similar supplies there to the ones offered in the scrapbooking section.  Best of all, they are almost always cheaper!  Some sections to check out are the children’s crafts area, the school supplies section (for stickers) and the sewing area (for fabric and buttons).

Set up an inventory system.  Why do you need to spend money to save money?  Simple, to avoid buying duplicates.  If you buy something that you will never use, it’s just a waste of money and it will take up valuable storage space.  So, keep track of what you already have.  To avoid feeling overwhelmed, set aside a small amount of time each day or each week and before you know it, everything will be labeled and organized. 

Keep your layouts simple.  Limit the amount of embellishments, stickers and other supplies that you use on every page.  You might feel that you need to put a ton of things on each page, just to make it look fancy and creative.  But you don’t.  A beautiful piece of background paper, a bold title, a few pictures, some journaling and two or three pretty embellishments are all you need to make a great looking scrapbook page.

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