Save On Scrapbook Supplies With These Tips

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Jesse Fisher posts:

Scrapbooking can be an expensive obsession. From decorative paper, accents, embellishments, and cardstock, the costs can add up quickly. I’ve been scrapbooking for about 7 years and initially, I went to all the expensive specialty scrapbooking outlets, where products are more expensive. Since then though, I have found some great ways to save money.

Scrapbook Accessories at a Discount
The most evident way to save cash is to locate a place to shop that sells scrapbooking materials at a discount. I have realized that website outlets indeed have lower prices than offline outlets. One example is they carry the Hermafix Dotto Glue Refill for $3.99, that’s $2.00 less than at the two local scrapbooking suppliers near my neighborhood. The only downside of purchasing your scrapbooking materials online is that you will have to wait a day or two or four. So I wanted to find a website that ships same day. Another thing to consider on a scrapbooking materials website is free shipping. Good ones will provide free shipping if your order is over a predetermined amount. The lower that number, the better! The lowest I have seen is $25 and that is pretty darn good.

Cutting Paper Costs
Another way to save money on scrapbooking materials is by using papers that are a foot square (ie. 12″ x 12″). You get more square inches of paper for the money than when purchasing 8 ” x 11″ paper. It also goes a longer way{ in that you can use the scraps in creating additional adornments. Also, there are a wide variety of cardstock colors. You can always use cardstock on a layout. Sometimes, that’s all I use. That way, you don’t use and therefore you don’t need to buy patterned paper. This cuts down costs a lot as patterned papers are fairly pricey.

Saving on Trappings
A way to save more money is by reducing the number of scrapbooking accessories, like embellishments. The actual focus of pages is supposed to be the pictures. You won’t have to spend money on a bunch of little thingamajigs and you’ll save time too by not having to make something special.

If you just can’t go on without using embellishments, buy all-purpose embellishment materials that can be used on various layouts instead of purchasing embellishments for use on one specific page. For example, get fibers in a package that has several different colors. Tags are another great embellishment that will look nice on any layout.

Scrapbooking doesn’t have to be expensive. Keep in mind that the central purpose of scrapbooks is the pictures and the memories that go along with them, not how much money you spent!

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