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Peter Gitundu posts:

Have you ever thought of the possibility of keeping all your favorite memories alive by storing them in a safe place – a place where only you could add a personalized touch to those memories? Well then, scrap book pages are the best for you. A scrap book is a special album that holds your pictures or photos in place and goes ahead to give you a chance to add some comments to the pictures so that the memories remain vivid within you.

Digital scrapbooking is a relatively new technological method that allows you to design your scrapbooking pages on the computer. outlined below are a few guidelines to help you out on this task. Most importantly remember that the quality of your paper will determine the overall outlook, so invest in some good paper.

The paper should be acid-free and lining-free otherwise it is prone to spoil your photos. It won’t require six wise men for you to know that the size of your paper should be considerable enough for it to be able to hold a considerable number of photos per page. The most commonly used scrap books have 40-50 sheets. Check out to see how the edges of the scrapbooking pages have been done because they will tell a lot about your scrap book.

The color of the paper should definitely be the color that you would like to see every so often and one that does not irritate the eye. A mix and match of warm sunset colors should play the trick right for you, but again this depends on your personal taste and preference. One last tip is to let you know that personally designed pages are more up to standard and are closer to meeting your needs than ready-made ones.

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