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Ken Glauser posts:

Manual scrapbooking is dependent of a variety of papers. Patterned paper, vellum color paper or specialty paper are amongst the favorites of scrapbooking pundits. There different forms of paper will help you make your scrapbook beautiful and easy.

Sharon Ann has literally hundreds of types of scrapbooking paper. For instance they have scrapbook paper for each gender of babies. Baby boys and baby girls each get their own scrapbook paper. They also have several piece cuts to enter the first twelve months of their lives. They also carry numerous borders and designs that will make your memories exciting.

Basic prints in paper include double sided patriotic papers, one color, dot, stripes, plaid, gingham etc. They come in many excellent colors. Babyline papers help you design your scrapbook layout. Their lines of printed vellums and textured card stock will make your project more eye-catching.

Images can also be enhanced with patriotic patterns. The choices include stars, alphabetic cord stocks and red and blue stars. These patterns are place on vellum and are an ideal background for pictures and clippings. Using navy gangham and stars on vellum provides an effective background for all your outdoor photographs.

His story, a rugged texture design paper consists of various patterns such as giant gingham, brushed, turtle shell, blue marbled etc. Two colors that can lend a striking background that will suit all your outdoor photos are sand stone and water color sand stone.

Another online location for scrapbooking paper is one of the best sites on the internet. Paper Addict has more than five thousand varieties of paper. The variety grows with each passing day. One of the papers they feature is the Ancestry collection. This collection includes a wide range of papers. They are excellent to store family photos and pictures. They also have an Ancestry family history book that contains 38 pages of different types of soft papers for use with the family history scrapbook. The book also contains excellent scrapbook layout ideas.

Another of the paper collection at Paper Addict is Bo bunny. It has lots of colorful paper models, including flowers, dots, hearts, stripes and much more. With the wide selection, you are sure to find one that will meet your scrapbooking requirements. Basic grey model has a relatively neutral background with colorful stripes, dots, monograms, both mini and regular, and much more. This model is perfect for sending messages and conveying regards.

To offer a powerful eye-catching background, consider Scrap bour Italian papers. With the multitude of designs such as velvet collections, grace collection, Elizabeth collection, Paul collections, St. Danis collections and sublime collections, the different depictions of rose pictures will make powerful backgrounds for your project.

Scrap bour Italian fashion collection is very suitable to express your love. This background has a beautiful image of a young lady with a flower background. If available, the Scrap bour soiree collection is very nice paper much like the Italian fashion collection. They both have beautiful young ladies as the central theme.

Scrapbooking papers must have two qualities. They must be strong to make albums and of course they must be attractive. There are many designs of scrapbooking paper to use in your scrapbook albums. Many are humorous which and also remain for a longer period of time as a token of your memories. There are separate scrapbooking papers for all the events in a year, such as valentines, Christmas, Mothers day, Fathers day, birthday and lots more.

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