Scrapbooking Stickers – How To Dress Them Up

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Jennifer Gormly posts:

I love scrapbooking stickers. They save me oodles of time and make my pages look fabulous. But sometimes I want to jazz them up even more. So how do you make your stickers look extra fabulous? Here are a few techniques to try:

1. Mat your stickers on coloured cardstock to help them stand out from your page. This will make them more of a feature, so choose your stickers carefully when doing this.

2. Instead of just adding a sticker, why not make a tag using that sticker and then apply the tag to your layout. This gives you the opportunity to add layers of colour and patterns and perhaps ribbons or fibres.

3. Adhere your sticker with foam tape. This will give it dimension and make it stand out from your page. I have often used a thin foam tape to stick down a large sticker and then a thicker foam tape to stick a smaller sticker next to it. It gives a fabulous sense of dimension.

4. Decorate your sticker with glitter or a glitter pen to make it sparkle on your page. It’s a fabulous way to add a bit of bling.

5. Doodle around your sticker to create a frame. This adds emphasis to your sticker while creating a sense of whimsy.

6. Mix and match stickers from different sticker sheets. There is no rule that says all stickers for a particular page must come from the same sheet of stickers. Mix your designs and have some fun.

These are just a few ideas to get you started but the possibilities for using scrapbooking stickers are endless.

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