Scrapbooking Storage Tips

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Joanne Jones posts:

When you look around your house, does it seem like the scrapbooking supplies are taking over? With all the different tools, colourful bits and bobs, it can be hard to keep track of them all. There are proper storage options out there to keep your supplies protected from damage and all together. The proper storage system is comprised of several different items, such as shelves, containers, tote bags and more. Here are some simple tips to help you select the right storage for all your scrapbooking supplies.

The most important reason for proper storage is to protect your supplies from damage. The type of storage that you use can vary depending on what room your supplies are kept in. For basements, which are prone to floods, choose storage options with wheels to keep everything off the floor and away from floodwater. For rooms with lots of sunlight, choose opaque storage solutions that will keep the sunlight from getting to your supplies so that they will not fade over time from the sunlight.

Keep all your supplies in one place, so you will be able to see what you have in a glance. If everything is spread over several rooms, with a little here and a little there, it is easy to forget where everything is. You could end up buying an item twice or spend your precious time searching instead of scrapbooking.

There are a great variety of storage options, so choose options that not only fit your supplies and protect them from damage, but also work well together and fit your lifestyle. For example, containers or baskets work better when placed on shelves than when stacked on top of each other. It prevents the supplies from being crushed by the weight on top of them, plus you don’t have to move any containers to get to the ones on the bottom. Another example is if you are frequently bringing scrapbooking supplies with you when travelling, then look at storage options that you can take with you. This will keep everything you need organized and you won’t have to pack anything when you leave – just grab and go!

When deciding on what options to use, keep in mind these simple tips. Clear storage allows you to see what is in the container without opening it up. Baskets work well for smaller items or if you like to touch and handle items as you look at them. Use tote bags when you are travelling because they are easy to carry and still keep everything you need organized. For solid coloured containers or dressers, labels work great because you will know what is inside before opening it. Consider using pictures instead of labels if you are more of a visual person.

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