Scrapbooking Techniques – For the Budget Conscious

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Kaye Dennan posts:

Yes, just because you are scrapbooking on a budget does not mean that your scrapbook will be any less attractive and it will definitely be more individualistic.

I have to be the first to admit that there are some absolutely fabulous scrapbooking embellishments for sale. BUT I often think that you need a big fat wallet to be able to make up a snazzy scrapbook. BUT THAT IS JUST NOT TRUE!

If you have had no art experience then you may need to do some practice to get the techniques right, but that is all in the fun of creating a piece you will be proud of.

Here I am focusing on the background page. It can be, and often is, a patterned card where you use photos, borders and embellishments to brighten up the page. But I will tell you a few tips so that you can use the plain colored card which is a lot cheaper than patterned paper.

First off, you can buy large sheets of thick colored card but make sure you cut them to the right size to fit your folder. And if you are on a budget you can use a ring binder for your work rather than buy a scrapbooking album.


1. Sponging – the best is a sea sponge. The sponging technique can create so many different effects. By using different colours or shades of the same colour you can create very interesting work. By using the sponge in different ways you can create circles, lines, swirls and borders – have a try first before going onto your card. This really is a fantastic technique which you will be able to use in so many different ways and for so many different things.

2. Lines – lines can be made on your background with felt pens. Make sure they are acid free. Rule in your lines lightly with a pencil then rule in the colored lines. This can be as few or as many as you like.

3. Creating borders – create a border down one side of the page or even right around. Various methods can be used. You can use paint, colored or patterned paper, material or even a row of embellishments e.g. a row of hearts.

4. Stamping – if you have a stamp, or your friends have, you can stamp a pattern onto the background and paint it in and outline it with a dimensional paint. Leaves, flowers, animals all look good and can be coloured different colours to suit.

5. Glittering – this is a pretty technique. Great for parties, engagements, weddings and the like. You can glitter borders, stamp shapes and more.

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