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Elizabeth Stewart posts:

You should plan ahead if you want to buy the best things for that wonderful scrapbook you are making. Also, remember that you need to be organized if you wish to have a good scrapbook.

So if you want to make everything easier the first thing you should do is making a list with all the materials you need to buy. Make sure that you buy the basic things first and let whatever is not that important for later.

The Album
The album is the main part of any scrapbook and without the album you cannot call it a scrapbook. You will probably find thousands of sizes, designs, and patterns and the decision may seem a little hard to take. However you need to choose carefully because they are too many and you may choose something that doesn’t fit.

Usually albums have standard 8½×11″ or 12″×12″ measures but smaller albums are more popular nowadays so choosing a standard size of 6″×6″ to 8″×8″ may suit you.

Protecting Pages
You will definitely need page protectors because this will keep your photos and art from getting easily deteriorated. Page protectors play an important role when it comes to scrapbooking and of course it keeps pages from sticking to each other. You have different page protectors: clear protector or non glare protectors. The choice depends on your taste.

Scrapbook Paper
Paper is another main material when talking about scrapbooking so you will need to choose carefully because if you choose ordinary white paper the scrapbook might look boring but if you choose a fancy paper it may distract the attention from the photos. The best choice is a subtle elegant original paper.

About Cardstock
Cardstocks are very important when placing memorabilia, embellishments, or photos. They act as cardboards or staples and will prove to be great help.

Choosing Adhesives
Adhesives are also very important; they are a part of the basic things needed for a scrapbook. Make sure that the adhesives won’t damage your photos or paper because your risk having a terrible scrapbook. If you notice that the photos degrade for no reason it is probably from the adhesive you use.

Paper Cutter
You will also need this material if you want everything to look smooth. They look very good and make your scrapbook more elegant. Make sure that you cut the edges straight if you want everything to look perfect.

Importance of Scissors
You can’t create a scrapbook without scissors; that is why it is so important you will have a pair of scissors only for the scrapbook making. Think about what you would do without scissors if you needed to change the length of things in order to fit the scrapbook.

The rule helps you obtain the precision and that elegant look you need for that scrapbook. You will definitely save some time if you use a ruler instead of your own hand.

These are only the basic scrapbook materials but when creating a scrapbook one needs many things especially if they want something special. Among the materials you need are: vellum, exacto knife, self-healing cutting mat, white plastic eraser, glue eraser, lettering and fonts, black pens, colored pens or pencils, grease pencil, photo corners and tote.

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