Digital Scrapbooking Tutorials – Making a Living Memoir Through the Use of Scrapbooks

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There is one ultimate intention for the creation of a scrapbook. It should be borne in mind that at almost everyday of our lives; we are faced with one or two experiences that we will want to live with. This is the more reason why the art of scrapbook making is today being considered by almost every person. Through the art of making scrapbooks, it has been realized that people are able to keep memories and be able to experience them again at every point in their lives.

One thing about these memorable events is that it should be able to be evocative of something remarkable, or something you think it is impossible to live without. This is why we talk of themes in the process of making scrapbooks. You may fail to come up with a theme for your scrapbook. These are some features to help you know why people are mad about making scrapbooks:

The Birth of a Child

This should be something good for you. Keep in mind that being able to be pregnant and actually putting forth that baby is something wonderful, and something which every person will want to experience over and over again. One thing about reliving this experience does not mean you will have to be pregnant now and then. You can simply relive this experience either in person or through your child by creating memories of this event and putting them in a scrapbook. In most cases, people are so obsessed into this that they will want to replicate every feature of the pregnancy, starting from every test right up to the moment of giving birth to the baby. There are still others who will want to relive every moment by including the birth of the child and every other feature of the child’s life till he or she experiences the first birthday.


Although you will have someone take pictures of your wedding day, it is still possible to create a scrapbook and include all events that even came before the marriage. These may be blended with some of the marriage pictures. There are so many events that you can take note of. Think about your moments of dating together or consider those preparatory moments leading to the wedding. Even after the wedding, you can still include memorable events such as those you had together at your honeymoon. Remember that this scrapbook is not going to be the same as the wedding album. Most of what will be added into it will be memories or happenings different from what took place on the day of your wedding.

High School Days

A lot of young stars will find high school life one of the most memorable. They will therefore do everything possible to make sure that they replicate every memorable event experienced in those high school days in scrapbooks. There are so many high school events that you can include in the scrapbook. Keep in mind that high school days are one of those in which much about the life of a young person would be greatly exploited.

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