How To Make Wedding Memories Last Forever

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Stephanie Elms asked:

You have spent months planning your wedding, endless hours and more money than perhaps you want to think about. So how can you ensure that all of those efforts are eloquently captured for life? Here are a few simple strategies to ensure one of the most important days in your life is appropriately saved for future remembrance.

Obviously every wedding couple ensures that memories are stored forever with photographs. What you do with those precious photos can vary greatly—do they end up in the back of some storage closet or are they displayed for all to enjoy. We prefer the later so we have found creative and unique ways to make your display tasteful and elegant.

• Create a photo album. With the advent of scrapbooking and its evergrowing popularity, photos have been transformed into publication quality books. You can be as creative or simple as you please. One of the really unique things about a scrapbook is that it allows for more than just photos. You can also put memorable souvenirs from the wedding such as napkins, invitations, menus, or anything you want. Also, you can chronicle any time period you want. You can start at the engagement and move through the honeymoon or create separate scrapbooks for each event. Scrapbooks are nice because they can tell a story with pictures.

• A more simplistic approach is what has been coined by Bride Magazine as the “Coffee-Table” book. It is similar to a photo album but sticks primarily with photos and a few captions.

• Another option is the shadow box. It is more easily displayed but does not have the space to hold as much as the scrapbook. These are easy to find and very easy to create.

• A final option is the memory box. This is good because it hold lots of items and works well for the bride who doesn’t really have time to spend putting the previous things together. The downfall is that it isn’t as easily displayed and is often forgotten about and put into storage.

Some tips on things to keep from you wedding or events leading up to it include: invitations to showers and the wedding, thank you card, wedding program or menu, any ribbon or decoration, a flower that can be dried, hair accessories, or your garter. Of course you can keep anything that has significance to you but these are a few ideas. The important thing is that the way in which you choose to cherish the memories truly reflects how special of a day your wedding was.

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