Scrapbook: Making Wedding Photos More Memorable

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You just had a wonderful wedding. It was a once in a lifetime occasion. The wedding photography in Phoenix done by a professional was very good but generally the candid or unplanned shots were more meaningful. The memories of this joyous event are worth preserving and should be treasured for many years to come. A good way to do this is by making a wedding scrapbook. It will be more unforgettable because you will be the one telling the whole story from your own perspective making it more personalized.

If you have not created a scrapbook before then now is the best time to learn. Do not start with something ambitious, it is a wise idea to begin with a simple project. Planning ahead of time is crucial so that every detail included in the scrapbook will be organized and nothing is left out. You must also decide whether this album will contain your entire wedding, from the proposal to the honeymoon, or just focus on the wedding day itself. Creating a wedding scrapbook with all these elements may involve loads of work so it is recommended to plan on 3 or more separate ones.

Now that you have planned out each book, sort out all the photos and momentos and put them in separate boxes. List all the embellishments you need in each scrapbook page including the wedding invitations, party favors, place cards and even the confetti from the wedding. Run the wedding day through your mind and write down notes as you scan through these pictures.

A great idea in the beginning of the album is a dedication page. This will set a good romantic tone for the reader. It will be like you are the one telling them your own love story. The story will slowly unfold through their eyes as they move from one page to the other. The tale should be told gradually by each page. Do not mix up photos from the ceremony and the reception.

At the start of the album include some pictures on how you and your husband first met. It will also be a good idea to make scrapbook pages containing your engagement photos, and other significant pictures throughout the courtship and engagement. It will undeniably be a pleasurable experience if you can look back at these pictures and reminisce how the relationship blossomed and grown all the way up to the wedding day.

To make the captions more special, do not just concentrate on the basic information of your big day like the location of the ceremony or what time the after party started. Be more expressive by describing how you felt on exactly the moment the picture was taken. For instance, were you nervous when you walked down the aisle all by yourself? What did you feel when your husband was reciting his vows? Or what was the weather like on your wedding day? You can also ask the wedding party to give some of the thoughts they had during some moments of the wedding.

These are just some ideas you can use to create your wedding scrapbook pages. Remember that it is always a sensible idea to use simple and elegant pieces for your project. Choose from the wedding photography in Phoenix images that contain a story. These are the ones that make your wedding unique and memorable. The most cherished wedding scrapbooks are the ones that show emotions and timeless memories on every page.

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