The Grooms Top Tips When Picking A Wedding Suit

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Shaun Parker asked:

Wedding suit hire is a dangerous feat that every groom to-be must face during the intrepid stages of wedding planning. We live in a world of inequality when it comes to wedding planning, as it is dominated by females with a fierceness not seen since medieval Mongolia. The one territory we can gently tread is wedding suit hire however it is still a potential minefield.

Where the bride to be has her sparkly wedding scrapbook and has been loitering outside wedding dress stores, the groom has spent more time fantasising about the stag do. Although wedding suit hire might not be up on the high list of priorities for many grooms it is the one area of the process we can claim as our own, that is providing you make the right selection.

The wrong choice in wedding suit hire can mean disaster. Although it might seem like a humorous joke to select orange and lime fluorescent tuxedos complete with cane and top hat, believe me your beloved will not see the funny side and it will be a very frosty honeymoon. Never comes between a woman and their dream wedding unless you are never planning on having children.

I am making massive generalisations about the process of wedding planning here and fair play to any groom who wants to hold his own when it comes to flower arranging and colour themes, but for many men wedding suit hire is as much responsibility as it gets. If you are rolling your eyes at the prospect then this article is for you, because wedding suit hire does not have to be hell on earth.

The most important thing to remember when undertaking wedding suit hire task is that although it might not be important to you, it is to your fiance. I am not saying that you must get approval but it is a good idea to take some notice of the colour theme that is running throughout the wedding. There is usually some similarity in the colour of the flowers and bridesmaid dresses and it is a good idea not to impede on this colour scheme in any great way.

A cunning covert technique in wedding suit hire is to recruit one of the bridesmaids to go with you and drop hints about the dresses and colour schemes. The other option is to use the various internet wedding suit hire sites. This is really good because you do not have to leave the comfort of the living room and you can even do it whilst watching the football, drinking beer or both.

Pretending to feign interest is a transferable skill that you must develop early and is not just related to wedding suit hire. The true Zen-like state of groomism is where you can play an active listening role without making suggestions or ending up with any responsibility whatsoever. This is done by a careful mix of complimenting and encouraging with a well timed sprinkling of I love you.

The internet will be your best friend for wedding suit hire as you can browse suits and materials and even get some sample fabrics sent to you. A cold bottle of Chardonnay combined with a fabric sampling can win unlimited wedding interest points. Many of the websites offer free delivery and collection if you are hiring, all these features put you ahead of the game.

Remember that women can turn into creatures of the night if their wedding plans are disrupted, in fact during my process at one point I was convinced that my fiance would be getting married with or without me. It can be stressful for them so it is a good idea to put in the effort when it comes to wedding suit hire, even if it is from your armchair whilst watching Match of the Day.

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