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Are Moms Clubs just a way for people to promote their home based businesses?

Serious says:

I recently joined a local moms get together group and at first was so excited only to realize that everyone in the group was trying to sell something. Scrapbooking supplies, cosmetics, food, etc. I began to wonder if those clubs were not just about promoting home based businesses!!! Any feedback…Anyone in a similar situation or am I wrong? I would love to hear from you!

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How do I start a scrapbook store?

shelcheese says:

Hi I live in Ohio and have no business owning experience, but know the popularity of scrapbooking. I have no idea where to start, anyone have any begininng steps advice?

Thank You!

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Does anyone have any pictures (new or old) that they would like set up in a scrapbook?

tbarrows71 says:

I I love scrapbooking and have done this for four years and have been successful. I would like to start my own home business doing the thing I love. Anyone that would like their pictures in a scrapbooking setting to keep up with their memories?

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